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Plastic Caps

a. the dispensing caps

- the dispensing cap DSC01 18/410 ribbed

- the dispensing cap DSC02 20/410 ribbed

- the dispensing cap DSC03 24/410 ribbed

- the dispensing cap DSC04 28/410 ribbed

- the dispensing cap(pull push cap) PPC01 28/410 ribbed

b. the other caps

- C01 PP extra cap 13/410 ribbed with PE liner   
- C01A PP extra cap 13/425 ribbed with PE liner   
- C01B PP extra cap 13/415 ribbed with PE liner   
- C01C PP extra cap 15/425 ribbed with PE liner   
- C01D PP extra cap 15/415 ribbed with PE liner  
- C02A PP extra cap 17/415 ribbed with PE liner
- C02B PP extra cap 18/415 ribbed with PE liner
- C02C PP extra cap 18/415 smooth with PE liner  
- C03 PP extra cap 20/410 ribbed with PE liner
- C03A PP extra cap 20/410 smooth with PE liner
- C03M metal sheanthed PP extra cap 20/410 with PE liner

- C04 PP extra cap 24/410 ribbed with PE liner   
- C04B PP extra cap 24/410 smooth with PE liner
- C04D PP extra cap 24/415 smooth with PE liner
- C04M metal sheathed PP extra cap 24/410 with PE liner
- C05 PP extra cap 28/410 ribbed with PE liner
- C05A PP extra cap 28/410 smooth with PE liner

- CL01 child-resistant cap ribbed 20/400 
- TE01 tamper evident cap ribbed 18/410 
- TE02 tamper evident cap ribbed 28/410

- C07 UV coated PP cap 15mm
(This cap is used for FMB-01/02 dia.15mm without a metal collar)
- C08 Shiny Silver UV coated main Cap 15mm with natural K- resin upper ring
- C16P K-resin Overcap 20mm with UV coated
             K-resin Overcap 20mm with a decorative ring at the bottom
(C08 and C16P are used for FMB-03 dia.20mm crimp-on spray pumps dia.20mm with a metal collar)
- C09 PETG transparent overcap Model No. C12 15mm
  ( This cap is used for FMB-10(crimpless spray pump dia.15mm with a metal collar)
- C10 PP ball overcap 20mm
- C10P UV coated PP ball overcap 20mm
- C11 PP cap 20mm
- C12 PP Crown cap  24/410 
- C12A PP Crown cap 28/410
- C17P UV coated PP Overcap 15mm with a dome top
- C18 ABS square overcap frosed 15mm
(This cap is used for FMB-03 the crimp-on spray pumps dia.15mm with a metal collar)
- C19 PP cap with rings 20mm
- C20 PP switch cap 20/410 ribbed 
We can make different plastic caps as per your requirements,such as C14(for nail polish),C06,C06A,C15,C21....All the colors and UV coating can be done as per customers' requirements.


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