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Universal Pumps
The pumps are designed especially for most effective spraying to the right spot as well as to the hard-reach-area at any appropriate angles within the radius of 360 degrees,widely applicable for Ethnic Hair Care,Skin Care and many of Household and Pharmaceutical products.
- Dosage: 0.18ml
- with or without PP, PS or K-resin dustcaps in flat or dome tops
- the length of dip tube: on your requests
- colors for actuators,closures and dustcaps: on your requests

- Universal Spray Pumps
- TW01(all plastic)   
   closures: 20/410,22/410    
   closures: 22/415,24/410,24/415  
- TW02(metal sheathed closures with plastic actuator)   
   closures: 20/410,22/410        
   closures: 22/415,24/410,24/415 
- TW03(metal sheathed closures with metal sheathed actuator)   
   closures: 20/410,22/410        
   closures: 22/415,24/410,24/415 


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