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As the leading designer and the experienced consultant, the largest manufacturer and exporter of the spray pumps and bottles for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging in China,Wuxi Sunmart Science and Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures various kind of products with the highest quality and our best services.Our products include: Fine Mist Spray Pumps, Treatment(Crean) Pumps, Lotion Pumps, Foaming Pumps, Nasal Sprayers, Perfume Atomizers, Trigger Sprayers, Cream Jars, Roll-on, Plastic Bottles, Caps and Containers, Plastic Lip Balms, Droppers, Medical Syringes, Airless Spray Units, Aluminium Cans and Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles, Perfume Glass Bottles and Tubes,which have been designed by our technicians and our customers for exporting.Proudly with ISO9001-2008 Certification and all the materials of our products are approved by SGS and CE.Our products are ideally suitable for use in Fragrance, Perfumery, Body lotions, Liquid soaps, Cosmetic, Eye Care, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Peppermints, Sweet Breath and other personal care products.Our daily output of pumps is more than 3.8 million pieces.We have very wide connections with our customers around the world.
We have a professional group in the research institute centre,specializing at developing all moulds by using the advanced technologies for all our products.

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